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How to Make a Delicious and Fresh Fruit Salad Indonesia

Hello friend, this time I will share the recipe and how to make a delicious fresh fruit salad original from Indonesia.

Salad is one of the food favorite Indonesian people, because besides delicious, salads contain many benefits for health because it is made of a combination of fresh fruit. The fruit that I usually use to make salads are, Melon, watermelons, grapes, dragon fruit, apples, pears, mangoes, srawbery and plus other fruits according to taste.

Fresh and tasty salad making guide

A. Ingredients :

  1. Fresh fruit in square pieces or at your liking
  2. Original Yogurt Flavor
  3. Sweetened condensed milk
  4. Mayonise sauce
  5. Grated cheese
  6. Can be added to other materials according to taste

B. How to manufacture fruit salad;

  1. Choose fruit that is fresh and quality to taste good
  2. Wash then peel and cut as you want
  3. Prepare the bowl or place of the salad
  4. Arrange the fruit then flush the fruit with sweetened condensed milk, mayonise, and cheese
If you like sweet taste then multiply the sweetened condensed milk, but if it does not like sweet, then multiply the mayonise.

This is the result 

Gambar Salad Buah Segar
salad buah

Benefits of fresh fruit salad

1. Meet the needs of fiber and nutrients

The body needs a lot of vitamin intake in fresh fruits. However, sometimes some people are lazy to consume fruit directly. So, try to present something interesting, tasty, healthy and practical that is to make a salad.

2. To diet

I once tried a diet method with consuming salads and proved successful. The way is in the morning change consumption of rice with a salad of medium portion size or one small bowl. Excess consume salad in the morning is the body fresher so that the body fit, not limps, and not easily sleepy.

3. Business Opportunities at home

How to make a delicious and fresh fruit salad
salad buah

Currently, we are trying to open a home business by selling salads. The result is quite decent, because 1 portion in the value of 10 to 15 thousand rupiah depends a small size. With capital not much, selling fresh fruit salad is quite beneficial because it can be stored for a day in the refrigerator without reducing the flavor.

So, with a simple and convenient creation process, from now on you can try to create your own at home according to your tastes. Pretty simple right..?
Rio Ve
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  1. My friend sell salad ogiri.. she owner at kediri, west java..

    This is my favourite food... 👌